web design


get stylish + strategic

You want a beautiful, modern website to showcase your awesomeness – what you need is one that also makes you relatable, inspiring, and keeps you top of mind. 



Take charge of how you show up online and go after that dream job with a resume website – your career building secret weapon. Visually highlight your successes, your superpower, and link to your work. 


Promote your business with a website designed focused on your goals. Inspire with great content, build your authority and create new opportunities. Show how them you're an expert in your field.


why do things the hard way?


If you're like me, you want your website to look as good as your new leather boots. But you also want it to work as well as your Dyson.

You can have the personality of a custom-designed website, all the functionality you need to grow, plus the ability to easily manage it yourself. 


it's easier than you think with squarespace!

• Beautiful templates with the flexibility for a custom look that's all YOU.
• You can get your site up quickly and have total control of it when it's done.
• No time spent struggling with plugins, backup or security – it's all done for you.
• You get to work with a Circle member who gets the inside scoop on new features.
• No coding necessary so no need to hunt down a developer.
• Responsive design so it looks great on your client's phone.
• Built-in analytics so you can track your performance.
• Award-winning (human) customer service. 

 I'm a Squarespace Circle member which means I get insider info and other great perks I can pass onto you!

As an owner of a marketing company, I know for a fact that your business website is your #1 marketing tool. It’s the first place people go to check you out so it needs to be your #1 priority. Using someone like Bonnie who can not only design, but has the ability to make it inspiring and strategic, is so valuable. And I love that my staff can now manage the site on their own.
— Audrey Jamieson, President, Marketing Kitchen