Stable life therapy

Website Mockups v.1


Site Goals:

  • To get more horse therapy (rather than regular sessions at home) – to give the information they need to book a consult

  • To show your credibility and talent with a modern, brochure website design that’s easy to navigate and provides lots of information in a clear, concise way.

  • Connect and build trust with your potential clients authentically and let them know that you understand their pain.

  • What’s your number one goal for our work together?: For you to get me – for my site and biz to look different and creative

  • How will you measure if this project is successful?: Helping turn more leads into clients

Design Strategy:

  • Nature is the focus with images and colours to evoke the calm of green grass and trees with earthy neutrals.

  • Sun-drenched images showing beautiful light, like shining the light within.

  • Blue is trusted in healthcare and wellness. This deeper blue and the watercolour treatment gives it a moody, spiritual feel.

Future Options:

  • Add your online scheduler to make it easy to book consult calls - Acuity Scheduler integrated into the site on the contact page or as a hidden page.

  • Add a blog/newsletter to keep your website fresh with new content to help generate traffic to your site and build trust by showing your expertise.

  • SEO keyword research and strategy to attract potential clients through Google search


Your homepage:

  • The top Announcement Bar is clickable - perfect for announcing a promotion or new service.

  • The navigation is kept as simple as possible, keeping the number of options down so less overwhelm on where to click next.

  • Inspirational banner image that reflects a building a connection and a happy client who is making progress.

  • After the image is your intro - a short description describing the business and how you help your clients.

  • Focus of the imagery is to convey the results of getting therapy that works - so we show end results and benefits of your services communicating the emotional rewards.

  • A short intro to you. You need a professional-looking headshot for this for credibility. Also for potential clients to feel a connection and build trust. This one works well, if you can get the high resolution version from the photographer.

  • We’re including testimonials on every page to help people see the transformation that’s possible and to see what it’s like to work with you and your horses. Need more of these from your current and past clients. Email them and ask these questions: what brought them to you, how the process was for them, if they had a favourite part, if there was something that they think could be better, and how they felt after working with you.

  • A call to action at the bottom to send them to the About page to build more know/like/trust.

  • Footer contains quick links to other pages and your Instagram as this is a good way for people to learn more about you if they’re still on the fence about working with you. It will also have social icons to take them to your other social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook business page.


Hompage Mockup:


About page:

  • Your about page should tell your story, but it’s actually should be geared to your potential clients. We want to talk about your clients pain points so they know you understand – and then the benefits and results of working with you.

  • We’re trying to address what objections potential clients have to doing this therapy. We also want to communicate what it is about you that would make us want to work with you.

  • We need a professional-looking headshot for this page. Or at least a higher resolution version of this shot.

  • Call to action sends them your services page. They can also access all the other pages below in the footer.


About Page Mockup:


Services page:

  • Short intro to the service

  • Breakdowns of each type of service

  • Your packages - be sure to charge what you’re worth - this will attract a higher-end client and ensure you look like a high-value service

  • Call to action to the contact page to get started with a consultation.


Services Page Mockup:


Contact page:

  • Need a headline and intro copy to inspire them to connect with you today. Remind them why they need it and what’s in store as a result - I think this would work well… “Everyone deserves to be heard and validated, to feel like you exist, that there’s space for you. After 3 sessions with me, you’ll know that you are special, feel more connected to yourself, and feel more confident.”

  • Several options on how to get in touch. Clicking on the address or map will take them to Google Maps where it will show the general area.

  • Clicking on your email address will open their email program on their computer.

  • Clicking on your phone number will give them the option to dial the number when on their mobile device.

  • Form opens with the button and it emails to you. You could then send them to your Acuity page to book their consult call.

  • FAQ’s to put them at ease so they know what to expect - also to save you time answering the same questions over and over.


Contact Page Mockup:


What’s the best way to provide feedback?

• Let me know if anything is missing — if we haven’t addressed all your goals.

• Let me know if something should be given a higher/lower priority.

• Let me know what you like / dislike.

• Let me know if this sparks any new ideas or questions.

Thanks! Bonnie