Strategy call preview


Let's get this party started

Here's a peak at questions I'll be asking in our call – please read them over before our call:


1. What is your WHY? Why did you start this business? What drives you?
2. Are there some core values or beliefs that you adhere to in your business?
3. Is there anything you hate about your industry? What challenges you face with your business?
4. What is your favourite thing that you do and sell?
5. Is it the most profitable?
6. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Is there something you do better than anyone else?

Your clients

1. What's the main problem you're solving for your clients?
2 Do you have a unique process to help solve their problem?
3. What results are you giving and how are your clients feeling when they get these results?
4. Who is your ideal client? Try to get specific! Do they have similar demographics, adjectives that describe them, etc.
5. How do you determine if a client is the right fit for you?


Are there any personal characteristics you have that you bring into your business? Any that make working with you unique from your competition, or enhance your client experience?


1. How do you want to be seen?
2. What’s the “one thing” you want someone to remember about you, or to be known for?
3. What adjectives best describe your brand and how you want to be perceived?
4. Do you have existing branding elements and are they still aligned with your brand?
5. Do you have a tagline?
6. Do you have a personal style preference, or ones to want to avoid? What styles do you like in other facets of your life?


1. Do you currently have a website? If so, what is/isn’t working for you?
2. What's the primary your goal for your website - what’s the most important thing you want potential clients to do?


1. Do you have your content ready? (website copy, logos, URL links, testimonials, portraits, product images, portfolio pieces)
2. Is the content from an existing site or all new?
3. Do you need help with copywriting? You’ll still need to provide a rough draft of your text for each page for your site (home, about, services, contact, and 1 blog post or case study).
4. Do you have professional-looking headshots? You’ll need at least one professional headshot (plus some stock photos if you haven’t done a brand photoshoot yet).
5. Can you get client testimonials to should show a transformation because of working with you, show great results, or that you have a unique process or talent that adds value?
6. Could we use logos of high-profile companies that you’ve worked with – or places you’ve spoken or been featured?
7. Will you have a portfolio or case studies to show what it’s like to work with you and the results you can deliver?
8. Do you currently have a blog or will you be blogging? Will you be moving over old blog content?
9. Will you be connecting Mailchimp for sending newsletters and capturing email addresses?
10. Will you be offering a freebie PDF as a newsletter opt-in incentive?


1. What will be your focus for getting traffic to your site? Unfortunately it’s not a “built it and they will come” sort of thing! Examples are networking referrals, ads, content marketing/blogging, social media, organic search, backlinks from high-ranked sites, and paid advertising.
2. Do you use social media such as LinkedIn? Are there any you prefer and use regularly?
3. Are you collecting email addresses so you can send out blog posts/newsletters?
4. Are you offering an opt-in incentive such as a PDF freebie?

This all sound super overwhelming? That’s ok! You can do it. And it’s gonna be awesome!

Thanks! Looking forward to getting started. Please fill out your questionnaire.