Branding Design


Logo, tickets, poster and client intake forms for an annual fund-raising event for a local charity who feature services, makers, food and crafts.


Personal branding for a young entrepreneur who wanted his family crest worked into his logo. This is a company he had started to be an umbrella company. 

Tara is a one-woman shop working with fulfillment companies, selling lists of contacts/homeowners for marketing to via direct mail.


Logo and business card for a writer and author looking to expand from sports writing into lifestyle commentary and script writing.

Logo concept for a small business owner who needed branding for a new venture. His plumbing business was expanding into full bath renos.


Business logo design for a talent agent who represents voice performers and employed other agents in an agency format.

Logo concept for Midori who is an organic landscape company who values balance, harmony and healthy products.


Masthead for a national magazine geared to families, mostly rural, who have one or more horses and are lovers of the outdoors.


A consulting and educational company run by a woman who teaches business launching skills to people around the world who don't have the knowledge or resources and need extra assistance.


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