Kick-off call Q+A

Let's get this party started

Here's a peak at the questions I'll be asking in our call. Please read these over and feel free to answer any of them here. They'll be emailed to me and we can talk about them further on our call.

This is your chance to articulate who you are, your message, target audience, competition, and goals. Your answers are your brand foundation – the good stuff we need to be strategic with your design. It also helps us create great copy and images (the other 2 important pieces of a great website).


Name *
This is the phone numbers, email addresses, and other details you want on your contact page
Your elevator pitch.
How are your clients feeling after getting these results?
Try to get specific! Are they a certain age or demographic? What adjectives describe them? Where do they shop?
List URL's of your competitors.
For example, one of mine is Trust – being dependable, loyal and worthy of my client's business.
Why do you do this work? What drives you? Do you have a mission statement?
Any that make working with you unique from your competition? Any that enhance your client experience?
What do you want your new branding to accomplish?
Such as approachable, friendly, compassionate, charismatic, adventurous, energetic, ambitious, vintage, vibrant, timeless, classic, romantic, retro, outspoken, witty, sensual, authoritative, whimsical, modern, youthful, clever, warm, dreamy, delicious, tasteful, unique, corporate, environmental, nurturing, valuable, innovative, calm, creative, genuine, dramatic, commanding, serious, sociable, sparkly, open, gentle, natural, organic, strong, understated, practical, reliable, inspirational, bright, clean, purposeful, giving, fearless, elegant, outdoorsy, hip, maternal, soft, scholarly, fit, awesome, fresh, sympathetic, minimal, magical, peaceful, artistic, lush, free, cool, trendy
ie: script, bold, light, hand-lettered, playful, masculine, feminine, distressed, retro, etc.
What is it about them that you admire?
List your primary goal and any secondary goals.
Website copy, logos, URL links, testimonials, portraits, product images, portfolio pieces
They should show a transformation because of working with you, great results, or that you have a unique process or talent that adds value.
Will you be moving over old blog content?
Such as referrals, ads, blogging, social media, organic search, external links
What platforms to do prefer?
Are you offering an opt-in incentive?