What can I expect?

Better communication = better results. That's why I have a process in place to make this as streamlined as possible for you.  We'll collaborate with regular calls and quick email updates. You can relax knowing what's coming up next and that you're in good hands. 



  • We'll start with a Brand Roadmap. Roll up your sleeves – this investment will give me what I need to ensure your brand and website design are strategic. You'll fill me in on you, your biz, challenges, goals, and your ideal client.

  • I'll take this info and create your roadmap outlining what I recommend for your brand and website, a mood board, and the content you'll need.


  • If you’re getting branding, I'll create a new or refreshed logo, plus design graphics you need for your site such as icons and banners, and social media images.

  • You'll have some time during this stage to gather your website text, photos, and testimonials for your site. Package add-ons like copywriting and photoshoots will be also done at this point, in time for your website design week.


  • First you’ll get mockups of 3 of your main pages. Once signed off, the live website is built.

  • You’ll have a full week to get your revisions done. At the end of the week placeholders will be dropped in for any content that's still missing.

  • And finally, you’ll receive your final invoice, I’ll do testing and then you’ll be ready to launch. Yay!


What if I want a different package? 
Every project is unique so I'll give you a custom estimate once we've gone over what you need in order to reach your goals.

Do I need a logo?
If you're just starting out you may not be ready to invest in a full branding process with a logo. We can use a nice text treatment for your website to get your started. 

Do you offer other a la carte services? 
I offer many types of design services only as add-ons to purchased packages or as part of an on-going client relationship, but I will consider larger projects like books or magazines for new clients.

Who's responsible for the content on my new site?
You, the client, are responsible for supplying all content unless there is content development included in your estimate. You'll receive a list of the required files and you are responsible for supplying your copy and good quality images (such as portraits, portfolio work, product shots) before the project start.

If you need help with copywriting, editing, illustrations, photography, or content strategy just let me know. I can work with you on that.

How do payments work?
Once an estimate has been agreed on, a deposit of 50% is required to secure a calendar spot for your project (websites are easy to sideline when you get busy so this is an incentive to ensure momentum). Payment can be done via E-Transfer or by check. This deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of the fee will be due approximately 60 days after the project kick-off, when the project is complete. Any work over and above the package allotment will be billed as agreed upon in advance.

Do you have a refund policy?
All deposits are nonrefundable as it is my way of securing your spot in my schedule and guarantee your project will get the time it requires. Because I may have to turn away or push back other work, and because so much of my work is done behind the scenes in the early stage, I need to be sure my clients are completely invested in moving ahead. You're welcome to rebook a new time slot.

In the event of project cancellation or termination during the our design process, you'll pay for the services performed by me through the date of termination, plus any other expenses incurred. So there are no refunds on completed projects. Please refer to my Terms & Conditions for more info.

Is hosting and domain registration included?
The cost of Squarespace hosting is not included in your design package, but you do get one free domain when you pay in full. And because I'm a Circle Member you'll receive 20% off your first year.

How will we communicate during the process?
I prefer most of our exchanges to be through email so everything is in writing, but I do like to have regular scheduled calls to go over details. Other programs I use for a smooth design process are Dropbox and Evernote and Google Docs.

What are your office hours?
I generally do client work during regular biz hours Mon-Friday EST. If you're emailing about a current project I can usually get back to you the same day, during office hours. The best time for meetings are Tuesday-Thursday. Fridays are usually wacky.

You can email me to book a free consultation through my contact form.

How many projects do you take on at a time?
I prefer to give projects my full attention and get them done quicker, therefore there is typically a waiting list for new projects. This wait time can be handy as it allows time for you to get your content ready.

How long will my project take?
That depends on the scope of the project and whether you stay on schedule with feedback and content. If there's a lag of more than 5 business days a late fee will be incurred (a little incentive to keep the ball rolling).

How will I receive my final files?
All files will be uploaded to your shared Dropbox folder or sent via WeTransfer (does not include design source files or fonts). 

Why hire me? 
I've been there – not knowing where to start to look credible and professional. You can relax knowing I can get you there. I have some pretty high standards, gobs of experience, I'm super organized, and calm under pressure.

I love making clients happy. I'll be part of your team, making the process as painless as possible and ensuring you get fabulous results.

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