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The Client

Firefly Junction is a boutique public relations & communications agency. They put bright ideas to work to help companies put their best foot forward in the marketplace. They consult, create and implement public relations and marketing initiatives to elevate brands, build authority, safeguard reputations, and grow businesses.

Sandra brings kindness, generosity and value to her close relationships so that she can have a positive impact on others, helping them to grow. Her website needed to reflect the care she brings as much as the value of her services.


  • To build her new business by reading senior execs of mid-size businesses who see the value of Firefly Junction. To feel an authentic connection, to be herself, have fun, and add value internally and externally.  

  • A website that adds credibility for referrals as she haven’t started marketing yet. Show that clients are in good hands, that Firefly will go above and beyond.

  • To launch a website that hits the mark — articulating her value proposition in a way that is professional, friendly and clever.




We start the design process with discovery — a call to go over all the foundational things like who Firefly Junction is and what they stand for. More importantly, who their dream client is, what their main pain point is, where they want to be, and how you serve them.

My clients get a document with the overview, strategy, and recommendations for their brand and website. Part of this is a visual moodboard to show a direction for the look and feel.

It’s good to know we’re on the same page early in the process in order to make everything go more quickly and smoothly later.

Brand words: Friendly, modern, corporate, clean, leader, creative, collaborative and spirited.

The artistic nature images evoke warmth, friendliness, and growth. Also, the natural habitat of fireflies. We balance the hand-written logo with modern fonts to keep it from looking too cute or feminine. The mood board below is done at the beginning of the design process to allow us to get on the same page early on. It give an idea of the look and feel for the brand through the colours, photos and fonts.

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  • To show your credibility and expertise with a clean, modern, website design that’s easy to navigate, lots of white space and concise copy.

  • Testimonials throughout the site add social proof for building trust and credibility but showing the transformation and results her clients have gotten. 

  • Include client logos for high profile brands you’ve worked with to show level of experience and authority.

  • Make it easy to book time with Acuity Scheduling integration - either integrated onto the contact page, or on a hidden page and the link via email.

  • A blog to promote the website, drive traffic, and help with SEO. Articles and case studies promoted on LinkedIn. Also FB biz page and Instagram.

  • Collect email addresses via Mailchimp so you can email contacts when publish blog posts.

  • Add a hidden feedback form to your site so you can easily collect good testimonials for your site and marketing material.



website mockup + build

Once Sandra had her copy, portrait, logos, and testimonials ready, I was able to create a design mockup of a few of the most important pages on her site. A video walkthrough of the design helped to show how we addressed all her goals.

Once the mockup was signed off, we moved to the live website build. This is a week-long process with the presentation at the end of the week. She then had another full week to make any revisions she needed. Also get in any missing content.



“I’m looking for a word bigger than LOVE to describe how I feel about my new website! Working with you was seamless and wonderful.”


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Custom graphics

In addition to brand and website graphics, my clients get social media cover images, launch graphics, plus some backgrounds and graphics for their social media feeds. They can also get collateral items like business cards done.

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happy clients

I love your relaxed approach, your on-boarding tools, and the clarity and explanation of everything up front. I love that we were live when you said we’d be live and that you created a look and feel beyond what I could have hoped for. I feel very confident that any business that vets me online will be reassured by the professionalism of my website. Lots of love :-)
— Sandra Stewart, Firefly Junction | PR & Marketing

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