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Pelham is a new medical aesthetics business located in Fonthill, Ontario. Marcie’s extensive medical background, her friendly service, and the town’s growing population of retirees is helping to grow her business quickly. 

Marcie values honesty, respect and kindness which comes across in her fun personality and awesome customer service. She provides unique and up-to-date types of treatments which are tailored to each customer which helps her stand out from her competition. 

When Marcie came to me she was asking for a needle as part of her logo. This made good sense to her since that is a lot of what she does. But she was overlooking was what her clients were ultimately looking for - the results. Marcie's clients feel more confident, optimistic, comfortable with their looks, motivated to lose weight, and more outgoing after having her treatments. That's what her brand needed to represent.



brand Styling

We captured the feeling of having worked with Marcie with images of happy, confident women. We surrounded them with warm, inviting colours and fonts you would see used by a beauty brand. Her brand connects with her potential clients on a more emotional level this way - by showing them how they could feel.



Marcie's top website objectives were to have an easy way for clients to book, to cut down on repetitive questions, and to show her prices so she didn't have to negotiate so much.  

By integrating Acuity Scheduling into her website, she not only allows clients to book their own appointments, they can also pay through Acuity, saving her tons of time.

Another big time saver is having a FAQ page. This cuts down all the time answering the same questions again and again. Plus, her services page and downloadable price list make it easy for her clients to find out what she offers and her pricing.

Marcie uses Facebook and Instagram to advertise her promotions so I created a landing page dedicated to turning those social media followers into newsletter subscribers.

Now with this "spare" time Marcie has, she's also going to start blogging!

website design for Pelham by B Summerfeldt


Your website copy and images should convey the emotional and physical results you provide — they're as important as listing your service.


Acuity Scheduling

I think Marcie's feedback speaks for itself...

Wow! My business feels more legit! With the scheduler that you recommended, I am now free from scheduling nightmares. It’s done online by the client and all feedback from end users has been nothing but positive. And I ask everybody. Because it’s simple, I’m getting far more repeat business than ever. Even men are scheduling! That’s unique in that men hate making calls to book hair removal and they don’t do well with messaging. It’s perfectly impersonal!
— Marcie Bak, Pelham Medical Aesthetics

Custom graphics

In addition to brand and website graphics, my clients often need social media cover images, launch graphics, plus some backgrounds and graphics for their social media feeds.


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collateral + marketing material


happy clients

 Awesome client Marcie Bak of Pelham Medical Aesthetics
From the first phone call to the to do lists (and the reminder to do lists), the mood board, the nudges toward personalization, your patience with my complete absence of tech comprehension and ability, your flexibility... Everything you did was helpful, efficient, painless, and truly appreciated!

You are not a “one size fits all” designer. You listen, observe, and tailor. You quickly understood what I was looking for and were able to tease out the details you needed. I deeply appreciated that you took a sincere interest in what my message is and recognized that my personal connection with my patients is what will propel me toward success, more than anything. I’ve had several comments on how the brand and site are such a good reflection of me.
— Marcie Bak, Pelham Medical Aesthetics

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