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I was so excited when Shelagh told me about her project – rebranding and a new website for a community lighthouse museum in Nova Scotia. The non-profit was in need of a design update plus an overhaul of their content. The structure needed to change in order to direct their audience to where they wanted them most.

Once I was filled in on the challenges and goals of the board members we started with the site map. The site map visually maps out how you're going to arrange all your info into pages and how you'll move your audience through your website. This was an important part of the project to nail down early as they have 4 pillars for how people can support the museum and they are all important to their survival. We needed a way to make these all entry points.

I also provided a rough mockup of the website homepage to give the general direction of the design. Once that was signed off, it was onto the visual elements - the logo and website graphics. While I did this, Shelagh worked with the board to get the content ready.


Mood Board

Mood boards are so fun! Especially ones for Nova Scotia lighthouse museums. Here's the look and feel for the Fort Point Museum brand and website.


Alternate Logos

Sometimes your logo just doesn't work in the space you have so we create alternate versions. I chose fonts with a little whimsy and history in their look and feel which felt right for this historical site on the LaHave River in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Website Design

Macbook mockup of Fort Point Museum website design



The museum uses student and local volunteers over the summer so the design needed to be straight forward enough for staff to be able to easily swap in new events and images. The advantage of Squarespace is that it can be taught quite easily for basic site updates.

Web design strategy can be overlooked when design for aesthetics alone. How your audience uses your site is as important as the visual aspects. They need to be lead in a way that takes them down the path you want them to go.

I don't know if I was more excited about the design or the organizing of the content (#organizingjunkie)

With half of all searches now being done on mobile devices, it's more important than ever to make your design mobile friendly with truely responsive design.

Social Media + launch graphics

Branded social media design for small business

Shelagh Meagher, Author
The website Bonnie designed and built for us makes our museum look really inviting. She had a great eye for images despite our lack of good archival materials and the overall look and feel is beautiful as well as easy to navigate. Bonnie not only created order from chaos, she made it look gorgeous in the process.
— Shelagh Meagher, Author and Board Member, Fort Point Museum

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