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The Magic of Healing with Horses

Shelley and Lin are accomplished mental health care providers who decided to start a side business helping people by working with horses. These busy professionals didn't really know where to start. A website and marketing were all new to them so they were looking for a done-for-you service that would include the strategy and guidance they needed. It was important that their brand exude the credibility and authority they would need to earn trust from the health practitioners they would be marketing to for referrals.

Moondance helps their clients deal with brain injury, PTSD, depression, and relationship building. The goal for the brand was to be a calm and nurturing space that welcomed their clients and gave them a feeling of trust.



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We started with a clean, modern website design convey the credibility and talent of these experienced therapists. We used good quality and inviting images we took at the barn where they do their sessions. I focused their text on benefits and results with the headline addressing the main pain point Moondance helps with. We also did a FAQ page for answering questions to break down any barriers potential clients may have.

This simple one-page scrolling design is a perfect for small businesses that are just starting out. The smaller investment allows you to save money. It also makes it easy to evolve and pivot as you work with more clients. Revisions and adding pages is easy to do later as you grow. Squarespace is great because it makes it so easy to go into the site and make tweaks to copy and images any time.


For many small businesses a single-page scrolling website is perfect when you're just starting out



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