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Standing out as a small business can be tough. For Marketing Kitchen, a great customer experience has been key to their quick growth. Audrey, the talented owner (and a fabulous cook), knew that showcasing her values and great company culture on her site was her way to stand out from her competition.

Knowing how important first impressions are for her business, she felt her site was ready for a refresh. She wanted a clean, modern feel, plus the ability for her team to update the site without having to enlist a developer.

Marketing Kitchen small business website design for Squarespace by Bonnie Summerfeldt Design

Here's what we did:

The story of Audrey's journey to founding her company is one that creates a great emotional connection for their prospective customers. We chose to stay with a one-page format as it's best for storytelling. You're able to keep the flow going as the audience scrolls down, rather than them having to click around. 

For visual impact we use a template with large banner images at the top plus, the ability to have full-width images throughout, for more visual impact. Here are some of the other changes we did to refresh the site:

  • Moved all the content from her HTML site to Squarespace so they'd be able to update the site themselves.

  • Updated the design and images to keep it fresh.

  • Updated the copy to better target their client's pain points by showing outcomes they could expect by choosing them, rather than just listing off services like their competition.

  • The fun staff photos and profiles are front and centre for showcasing the culture of the company and the fact that dealing with them would be different from their competition.

A big part of branding is your personality, your brand's values, and culture.
  • High-quality stock images for the banners were very important to show the level of professionalism their customers can expect.

  • Naming for SEO for images, pages, and links for better local results in the Toronto, Ontario area.

  • A blog was added to the site for showcasing their expertise and culture and to also help with SEO.

  • Videos added to showcase their new service and add to the user experience with the growing popularity of video.

  • Optimized the images for fast loading to keep users from squirrel moments when they're waiting and waiting for your page to load.

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Website makeover for Marketing Kitchen by Bonnie Summerfeldt Design

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