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Personal branding is no longer just for the rich and famous. More and more we have to be conscious of how we're perceived – especially online. We're way beyond a business card. Now when someone wants to know more about you they head to the internet to do a search. To gain respect and influence we need to be intentional about what we put out there. Who we are (how people see us) and what we represent (our mission, goals, and values). 

When Sandi switched her business from an agency model to consulting as a side gig she knew it was time for a new look for her personal brand that reflected that change. 

Sandi's style is clean and modern and she loves the colour blue. She had a font in mind she liked from the 80's that she used on a previous business card design. It was super retro. After a long search, I was able to find a font that did the trick. Modern but with a little personality that made it unique but approachable.

Logo and brand design for Fusion Artists by Bonnie Summerfeldt

Since the logo was so simple, I knew her identity pieces needed something that would show her personality. Being a top agent in Canada for performers, it needed to be both professional and artistic. Once I found the images, the rest fell into place.

All the stationary designs include these beautiful ink images, with each piece looking unique. Sandi loves the square business cards we had printed by Moo. The quality of the printing and paper is excellent, giving her brand the upscale feel it needed. 

Branding for Fusion Artists Inc by Bonnie Summerfeldt Design
Brand identity design for Fusion Artists Inc by Bonnie Summerfeldt Design


Don't overlook the small details like a custom domain for your email. If you want to look established, this gives a more professional look. And don't look like an internet dinosaur with an ancient hotmail email address.




Using your brand assets relentlessly is key to becoming memorable and trusted.

Once your brand visuals, fonts, and colours are set it's all about consistency. This cover page – a simple landing page where you can set up a contact form to link your email, link your scheduler, provide a free download, or link to other sites. It's a great way to get started online when you're not ready for a full website. Squarespace makes it so easy and with a minimal monthly fee.

Next steps

Be sure to carry your new branding onto all your social media platforms. Make sure your bio text is catchy and up-to-date, you use the same portrait throughout, and integrate your new branding into your cover images.



Ready to for more online credibility and confidence?

Check out my services page to find out more about personal branding and how it's your superpower. 


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