Choosing the best website designer in the GTA can be tough. How do you pick a web designer? Make sure their portfolio of work speaks to you. Trying to change their style never goes well. And are you willing to put in the work? Getting ready for a website can be more work then some expect but the investment is so worth it. Your website is everything when you're a small business trying to grown online.

Are we a good fit?

Choosing the right design partner can feel like online dating. We don’t need to be BFFs, but we could be collaborating for weeks, months or even going steady. 



When you look through my portfolio work, does the look and feel of it speak to you? If we share a similar taste/style it feels like we can read each others minds.


Are you passionate about what you do and value quality design? Getting clear, doing research, and investing in your content are key to design that pays off.