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Graphic design for publishing, marketing and sharing

Not the
same old bs


Hey, I'm Bonnie

I help offline professionals with internet allergies build more online credibility and confidence so they look like the savvy bosses they are and attract bigger and better clients. 

I get it. I’ve been there. I wasn’t always digitally savvy. I spent most of my career working my way up in the publishing world, art directing national print magazines. I started before desktop publishing was the norm. Before digital photography, Facebook, Instagram, or SnapChat was a thing. 

Luckily for me, I’ve been on computers most of my career and have kept up with new technology. And I love it. So when print media hit hard times and I was packaged out I knew I had to blaze a new trail on my own. And I had to do it online. But I didn’t want to look like just any freelancer – I needed to look pro. 

It was a little overwhelming — and definitely time-consuming — but I learned about running an online business, strategy and marketing. Website platforms, coding, and user experience. I got up and running and looking friggin’ legit. 

But man, it's busy running a biz on your own. And then throw in your family, fur babies, whipping up healthy meals, trying to squeeze in workouts, and catch enough sleep. I’m sure for some the thought of a new website can sound like a bit of a nightmare when you’re juggling #allthethings

It didn’t take long before I saw that I could help busy biz owners like you get a beautiful website and polished online presence without going crazy, skipping the gym again, or putting off your latest Netflix binge. 

I created a design process that’s quick and painless and works in a way that's best for you. I make you feel comfortable knowing that I’ll take care of everything so you can get back to doing what you do best. 


This isn't my first rodeo. You can relax knowing I have your back. I have a zillion years of design experience and high standards. My dreamiest job was art directing editorial and custom content for large national magazines like Canadian Gardening, Photo Life, Canadian LivingElle Canada, and Style at Home. Telling visual stories in a way that help people connect to the brand.

Get high-quality graphic design services for small businesses. Logo design, Squarespace web design, and marketing materials. Bonnie Summerfeldt Design is based in Aurora, Ontario but serves clients from all over.

Working with Me

I don't just value good looks. I take a practical and strategic approach to each project. I'm not going to buy a gorgeous purse if it's a black hole and I'll never be able find anything in it (though, it's tempting).

Creating a good flow of information and making content easily digestible is just as important as the pretty stuff. And I do value the pretty stuff!

not the same old b.s.

My cup is always half full, I love happy endings, and I'll give it to you straight. But my best asset may be my sense of humour (and most useful, living with teenagers).

And my fuzzy assistant, Peanut.

Bonnie Summerfeldt (with her fuzzy assistant Peanut) is a graphic designer in Toronto area (Aurora, Ontario), specializing in visual storytelling through brand design, Squarespace web design and content marketing visuals.

My favourite part of working with Bonnie was her creativity, dedication and reliability. And generally being a great person! I would 100% recommend her - I miss her and the special flair she gave each title.
— Jennifer Anstey, Publisher, Horse Publications Group
Bonnie consistently delivers an extremely high level of focus, skill, innovation, energy, and attention to detail, producing a stream of work that inspired our clients.
— Linda Stephenson, Creative Director, TC Media

Lovey dovey hand holding graphic here...

Are we a good fit?

Choosing the right design partner can feel like online dating. We don’t need to be BFFs, but we could be collaborating for weeks, months or even going steady. 



When you look through my portfolio work, does the look and feel of it speak to you? If we share a similar taste/style it feels like we can read each others minds.


Are you passionate about what you do and value quality design? Getting clear, doing some research, and investing in your content are key for design that pays off.



Join me in the fight against ugliness.

My husband may save lives, but I save good people from ugly visual clutter. Some may call it my obsessive-compulsive-like-addiction, but whatever. 

They're just not design-savvy like us ;-)




Colour, texture, sunsets, yummy design, pooch shananigans... Aurora, Ontario and beyond.